Group buying - to get the best rates

The process of negotiating in buying home is usually long. It takes multiple meetings with the sales agent sometimes with the their heads. Even after that one need to verify whether they are getting good prices. One may also talk with agents to know if there are better prices. And one thing everyone definitely does is to go through various portals, scan through them, evaluate each and every offer. 

With my experience in real estate, I have seen that the people who have bought, they themselves are not confident about the price he has bought his house at. People avoid discussion of rates so that they don't feel bad. Many a times one finds out that his neighbour got a better rate even though he may have bought after him. 

Clearly the rates lack transparency. The buyer lack satisfaction a significant number of times. We have done a survey to find out that 80% of home owners think they didn't get the best rates. 

In order to cater to this we decided to make a product that gives home buyers the best rates. Let the technology play so that they get the best rates. is a real estate home buying portal that enables home buyers to get the best per sqft rates. It does that be enabling the power of bulk. It brings together multiple buyers who would be interested in a project and let's them jointly their homes. We already have negotiated on your behalf to get best rates proportionate to number of buyers. There is also possibility of further discount as the number of buyers increase. 

The builders have also shown huge interest in this and we expect to increase our offers and options much more. 

Connect with us to get the best rates and do take the survey here, share your details so that we get back to you with best deals. 

An important point in real estate is, in realty you make money while buying and not selling. 

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