What is group buying and why is it beneficial?

Concept of Group Buying –

Here is how it works. Buyers who are looking to buy in a particular comminuty can come together through our portal. We already have good discounts negotiated for bulk deals, in some cases if the target number of units increases, there is further possibility of negotiation. The builder, sensing a good opportunity to sell anumber always givers the best deal.

Win-Win Situation for Everyone

For Buyers

The factor of bulk playes into action. The portal allows buyers to  club together. With tech play, buyers from any where can be part of the group. It doesn't restrict to people you know. In this way making of a bigger group is possible.

For Developers

Developers gain by selling fast. In todays scenario, the cost of capital for real estate projects is really high. The time is money here. The faster selling reduces the dependency on costly capital. It also helps in faster completion of project. A builder is able to monetize faster. This reduces the possibility of project getting stuck. With timely delivery builder is able to fulfill his / her promises and make timely delivery possible.

How to participate:

Just logon to Verticl.in
We have projects identified, these projects are not just financially well done. We also have vetted their background and delivery history and also possibility of delivering current project.
Buyers can come together in this portal and buy in bulk to get the best rates.