Benefit of Builders to work with Verticl

Builders are on constant lookout to reduce their costs and overheads. Interests from banks is one of the major costs for a builder. One potential strategy is to sell fast and keep on low on debts. In order to do that one has to sell its inventory fast. Sale should give a builder good cash flow which would help in self funding and thus keeping the requirement of interest bearing bank and PE funds low. 

Inflow of funds:
Funds start flowing with the registrations happening. And as the builder builds more and more funds are released as per the construction status. For completed projects it becomes really important to close these deals. 

Excess Inventory Shedding:
Bulk offers builder to shed their inventory faster. Faster sales push the funds, investor interest and lowers interest burden

Bulk home sales enabled by Verticl
Verticl will be launched for enabling bulk home buying. This will be a platform to enable builders to sell fast and consumers to come together in a group and buy a home.

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